To complement our products we provide a range of instruction manuals plus a selection of standards and reference material useful to gas engineers.

Please view online or download.

For more standards and reference documentation, please see the IGEM website.

Instruction Manuals
pdficon PipeCalc4 PPLC Software User Guide View
pdficon PipeCalc3 Software View
pdficon VSPU 50 Purge Unit View
pdficon SPU 100 Purge Unit View
pdficon MPU 150 Purge Unit View
pdficon LPU 300 Purge Unit View
pdficon APU Air Fan Purge Units View
pdficon SFU Flare Unit View
pdficon TFU Flare unit View
pdficon Vent Terminals View
pdficon FPCU Purge Conversion Kit View
pdficon PFCU Flare Conversion Kit View
Standards & Reference
pdficon UK and European Gas Standards List View
pdficon Monthly Update on Standards Revisions View
pdficon Useful Gas Conversion Factors View
pdficon Safety Integrity Level (SIL) View
pdficon Interchangeability of Gases View
pdficon Pipework Design View
pdficon Hydrostatic Pipework Testing View

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