GEA's easy to use Air Fan Purge Unit allows safe purging of gas to air in various circumstances, for example when decommissioning gas pipework and vessels or pressurising pipework for strength and tightness testing.  If required, the Unit will work in conjuction with a GEA Gas Purge Unit.

The Air Fan Purge Unit is mounted in a durable vinyl coated aluminium-framed box that provides a stable base when the Unit is operational.  The Unit's fan is fitted with a check valve to prevent gas reversing into the fan assembly.  Two different versions of the Air Fan Purge Unit are available for use with pipework upto 150mm and upto 200mm.  Both are compliant with IGEM Utilization Procedures UP/1 and 1A.  

You can use this page to buy GEA Air Fan Purge Units and Accessories.

APU150 & APU200 Air Fan Purge Unit

The APU150 (pipework upto 150mm) and APU200 (pipework upto 200mm) Air Fan Purge Units are housed in a vinyl-coated, aluminium-framed case (500mm x 400mm x 400mm).  Each unit comes complete with 5m Antistatic Purge Hose.

APU150 Purchase Price£900.00 Add to Cart
APU200 Purchase Price£1300.00 Add to Cart

Price excludes VAT but includes UK delivery.

To arrange hire, please call +44(0)1608 730878

Air Fan Purge Unit Accessories

A range of accessories is available for Air Fan Purge Units.  All prices exclude VAT but include UK delivery.

APU150 Extra 10m Antistatic Hose £175.00 Add to Cart
APU200 Extra 10m Antistatic Hose £230.00 Add to Cart

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