GEA PipeCalc4 PPLC software is a calculation tool for gas fitters and engineers.
It builds on the success of PipeCalc3, providing existing functionality together with a number of new features.  PipeCalc4 allows you to:

 input gas and pipework data to instantly generate pressure loss, velocity
 and volume calculations.
 select from Natural Gas, LPG or user defined gas options.
 select from a wide range of pipework material options including Stainless
 Steel Flexible Tube.
 input data for pipework fittings and height to further refine calculations.
 break down an installation design into up to 8 different sections,
 each with its own gas and pipework parameters and calculations.
 calculate an Index Leg Pressure Drop value, specifying which sections
 should be included in the calculation.
 save data to a Project file to load back to PipeCalc4 PPLC at a later time.
 show input data and calculations on a customisable client report.
 use the handy 'Conversion Factors' facility to convert a range of different

PipeCalc4 PPLC is conformant to Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) UP/2 'Installation pipework on industrial and commercial premises' Edition 3.

For more on PipeCalc4 including screen shots, see the PipeCalc4 PPLC Software User Guide. Follow the link to our Library.


PipeCalc4 PPLC Purchase Price (Download)£50.00 Add to Cart
PipeCalc4 PPLC Purchase Price (CD by post)£55.00 Add to Cart

Prices exclude VAT.

PipeCalc4 PPLC can be installed on PCs and laptops running MS Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
A minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 720 is advisable.
For further information on system requirements please contact GEA.

PipeCalc4 does not yet include pipe testing functionality. This will become available once revised versions of IGEM UP/1 and 1A have been released. In the meantime, this functionality is still available from PipeCalc3. Please see below.


Until GEA PipeCalc4 pipe testing functionality has been implemented, the PipeCalc3 Strength & Tightness Testing Calculator remains available.

Simply by inputting raw data and selecting from predetermined parameters, this application will generate accurate figures for strength and tightness testing in pipework operating up to 2 bar and will provide purge times for given purge velocities.

Results generated can be viewed, saved or printed as required.
PipeCalc3 STTC fully complies with IGEM UP/1 and UP/1A Edition 2.


PipeCalc3 STTC Purchase Price (Download)£25.00 Add to Cart

Price excludes VAT.

PipeCalc3 is compatible with MS Windows but not later 64-bit versions of MS Windows 7 or Windows 8.
For User Manual, follow the link to our Library.

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