GEA has designed and developed a range of vent terminals to enable rapid dispersion of gases with minimal ingress of precipitation.

The terminals are constructed from stainless steel and are mounted to a main pipe with threads (BSP) or matching flanges.  The body has side ports angled to encourage good dispersion of venting gases into the environment.  This minimises risk from flammable gases and vapours within hazardous areas.

The upper cap of the body above the ports is designed to enhance upwards dispersion.

Drain holes are provided in the lower part of the body to remove any rain etc. that may enter the body in extreme weather conditions.

You can use this page to buy our smaller Vent Terminals.
If you are interested in the SVT80 or SVT100 models, please contact us for prices.

Vent Terminal SVT15

The SVT15 Vent Terminal is designed for small relief and instrument vents.

Connection Size0.5 in. BSP
Overall Diameter50mm
Overall Height45mm
Max Pressure20 bar
(at terminal)
SVT15 Purchase Price£80.00 Add to Cart

Price excludes VAT but includes UK delivery.

Vent Terminals SVT25 - 50

The SVT25 - 50 range of Vent Terminals is designed for relief, dump valve and regulator vents.

Connection Size1 in. BSP
Overall Diameter50mm
Overall Height45mm
Max Pressure20 bar
(at terminal)
SVT25 Purchase Price£120.00 Add to Cart
Connection Size1.5 in. BSP
Overall Diameter80mm
Overall Height82mm
Max Pressure20 bar
(at terminal)
SVT40 Purchase Price£140.00 Add to Cart
SVT50 and SVT50F2
Connection Size2 in. BSP
Connection Size (F2)3 in. flanged
Overall Diameter137mm
Overall Height140mm
Max Pressure20 bar
(at terminal)
SVT50 Purchase Price£250.00 Add to Cart
SVT50F2 Purchase Price£350.00 Add to Cart

Prices exclude VAT.
Prices include UK delivery for all except SVT50.

Vent Terminals SVT80 & 100

The SVT80 and SVT100 Vent Terminals are designed for large relief and dump valve vents.

Connection Size3 in. flanged
Overall Diameter125mm
Overall Height550mm
Max Pressure20 bar
(at terminal)
Connection Size3 in. flanged
Overall Diameter190mm
Overall Height550mm
Max Pressure20 bar
(at terminal)

For SVT80 and SVT100 prices please
call +44(0)1279 870710

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