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Extend our consultancy into fully integrated design and implementation projects.


Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and experience and with emphasis on key business objectives, GEA Consultancy supplies clients with expert advice on the provision and optimised application of gas in their industrial and commercial processes.

 Engineering Consultancy.  GEA evaluates and designs gas plant, pipework and control systems.  Also, we advise on cost-effective conversion of plant to gas from other fuels.

 Process Consultancy.  With a strong focus on key business drivers such as fuel efficiency, maximised production throughput and product quality, GEA advises on the application of gas in many business and industrial processes including metal working, glass and ceramics production and food processing.

 Potential Gas Utilisation.  Notably in emerging markets, GEA advises on potential for gas utilisation.  And whilst maintaining an optimum level of support, GEA can extend the service by training clients to assess and develop gas potential themselves.

 Gas Safety & Risk Assessment.  Safety is a key concern and GEA advises on safe gas engineering solutions, equipment design and operating procedures.

To engage our consultancy services, please contact us for a preliminary discussion of your requirements.

For a broader picture of GEA Consultancy, please read through the sample project profiles below.
Conversion of Industrial Plant to Natural Gas

As part of a contract with a major Portuguese energy supplier, GEA provided detailed specifications for the conversion of industrial plant from oil and LPG to natural gas.  GEA sourced equipment, prepared changeover procedures and provided engineering support for the migration process.  The equipment successfully converted included hot water and steam process boilers, high temperature furnaces, calcining plant, drying ovens, aluminium extrusion plant and large-scale food processing plant with biscuit ovens.

Pipework Infrastructure Replacement

A UK project to replace ductile iron pipework infrastructure feeding a large business park required GEA to design both a revised pipework layout and the pipework changeover process with the requirement to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.  We produced full tender specifications for the work and assessed the tenders submitted.  During the project implementation phase itself, GEA provided technical advice and quality assurance to ensure the project ran smoothly.

CE Certification for Gas Plant

GEA was commissioned by a US company to evaluate a specialist industrial gas appliance in order to obtain CE certification.  This entailed the production of a Safety Integrity Report and also the preparation of a Technical File to facilitate self-certification.

Boiler Combustion and Burner Evaluation

GEA was contracted to carry out the combustion and burner evaluation on a 23MW gas boiler used at a power station in the UK.  This project included the production of a detailed Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analysis and updating the dual fuel burner controls to current safety standards.

Gas Plant & Pipework Consultancy

GEA has assisted a major Israeli chemical company in the design, commissioning and operation of gas fired plant, supply pipework and reduction and metering equipment.  A Malaysian energy supplier engaged us to provide design, specification and engineering expertise in the construction of a new high pressure gas distribution network and associated meter and pressure reduction systems.  Also in Malaysia, GEA has provided consultancy services plus training related to a gas fired re-boiler unit constructed for a refinery owned by a major energy multinational.

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