For industrial and commercial gas installations, GEA's Pipework Services cover a range of related activities including gas pipework testing, purging and controlled flaring.  These are specialised operations, in particular for high pressure gas systems, an area in which GEA has wide experience.

See below for more detail but please contact us if you have a specific request.

GEA engineers are fully qualified to carry out gas pipework testing, including hydrostatic testing, at both low and high pressure installations and this can include formal commissioning.

GEA can also provide a range of related services including compilation of testing procedures, preparation of risk assessments and method statements and training in gas pipework testing.

GEA's pipework testing service is fully conformant with IGEM Utilization Procedures UP/1 and 1A.

Gas pipework purging is a specialist operation and it is a requirement of the Health and Safety At Work Act that this activity is undertaken by properly trained and experienced individuals.  Equipped with our own in-house designed purge units, GEA engineers are fully qualified to meet this requirement.

If you would like to undertake your own purging operations GEA can assist through the provision of training and on-site support.

GEA's pipework purging service is fully conformant with IGEM Utilization Procedures including UP/1 and 1A.

Controlled flaring is a recognised method of reducing pollutant emissions into the atmosphere when venting gas from pipework and vessels, for example when decommissioning.  Instead of venting directly into the environment, controlled flaring reduces the pollutant impact by converting methane to carbon dioxide, a significantly less harmful greenhouse gas.

Using proven, in-house designed flare units, GEA engineers can carry out flaring operations on gas pipework of all lengths and capacities and various types of vessel including transportation tankers.

As part of GEA's flaring service, our engineers will undertake a full risk assessment and prepare procedure and method statements as required.

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