GEA can provide expertise in many aspects of gas supply, distribution networks and metering.

This covers all stages in plant and equipment lifecycle, from initial requirements and specification through to design, build and installation.

Work typically undertaken by our engineers in this field includes:

 Preparation of Specifications for non-domestic meter installations and pressure reduction stations.
 Preparation of Tender Documents for private gas distribution networks.
 Design of Metering Systems for industrial, commercial and other non-domestic gas installations.
 Appraisal of Design relating to gas supply, pipelines, pressure reduction stations, high pressure outlet pipework networks.
 Appraisal of Installation of metering including Hazardous Area Analysis.
 Analytical Reporting for example, on the effects of gas supply quality on industrial and commercial gas plant.

Whatever your requirement relating to gas supply, distribution or metering please contact us to discuss further.

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